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Yoga & Mindfulness

Do you want to relieve yourself from daily stress situations? As a qualified yoga instructor, I can teach you breathing techniques, alignment, range of motion, lifestyle, fitness, mind, and body. This is because I believe that integrating yoga and mindfulness into your lifestyle will help you create a healthier mind, body, and social balance. I have been teaching since 2013 and giving workshops since 2014.

Since yoga and mindfulness are tools for our everyday lives, I teach in the public, private sectors, locally, and in schools.



Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a hybrid therapy developed by Marisa Peer. It combines principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is specially designed for rapid relief of emotional and physical pain/patterns and leads to permanent results.

This revolutionary, highly efficient, and effective stand-alone therapy fits perfectly with our fast-paced lifestyle and the rapidly changing world and demanding environments we live in today. It improves, transforms, and optimises the quality of life for people who don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours talking about their problems.

One session delivers exceptional results and frees you from unwanted habits and physical, emotional, and psychological problems, and limiting beliefs that are deeply rooted in your subconscious. It supports personal development and the ability to achieve goals.


Client Testimonials

RCB, Dublin Client

I came to Sharon this summer for an RTT session. I found the experience thought provoking and very rewarding. The preparation, session, and subsequent listening to my individualised recording I found to be very soothing. I have found that since this session it has improved my self-belief and confidence. I have since ended a toxic relationship, and focussed on what I really want for my children, my career and my relationships with others. I would highly recommend Sharon’

Dan, Westport Client

I saw Sharon over zoom this year for foot pain I couldn’t shake. I found Sharon to be very professional and sincere in her approach. During and after the session I realised where the pain was coming from, and I am delighted to say that it’s been four months on and I am without this pain, Thank you Sharon!

Caroline Edghill Student

My husband introduced me to Sharon Denver’s yoga classes seven years ago, and I found her classes brilliant, motivational, and inspiring, so inspiring I decided to go do a foundational teacher training course with YTI Dublin. I didn’t go any further with this but went back to Sharon’s classes. She is an amazing teacher and will always make sure you are in the correct pose or simplify for you. I wish Sharon the very best with her new ventures. And hope I will be part of them. Thank you Sharon, Namaste 🙏

Lynsey Mckeon-Smith Student

I attended Sharon’s classes in Swords, Dublin which I found hugely enjoyable. I found Sharon to be a great teacher, full of enthusiasm, and I felt stronger after each class. During my own teacher training I benefited greatly from Sharon’s instruction and experience. I would highly recommend Sharon, she is a wonderful teacher.

Louise Bradshaw Student

My yoga classes with Sharon have been transformative, I feel energised yet calm. A very different type of energy, I feel more relaxed! Sharon is supportive and encouraging and wants the best for all her studetns Classes are tough but fun too! I would highly recommend Sharon.

Samantha K, Dublin Student

I have been attending Sharon’s Yoga Classes for 7 years now. During lockdown Sharon adapted her classes online for both Chair & Mat Yoga. Sharon’s classes combine enjoyable flow and movement with mindful meditation and relaxation at the end. Sharon always offers gentle guidance to each student. I always leave Sharon’s classes feeling more fit, flexible, and energised with a sense of wellbeing & calm

Søren Stuhr Mandrup Student

I have had the pleasure and privilege of having Sharon as my yoga teacher as she is a very passionate guide into the world of yoga and mindfulness. I have not yet come across a yoga instructor who does a better downward facing dog than she does. I personally cannot recommend Sharon enough due to her insight, humour and yoga expertise.

Therese Dublin

Very good 👍. Sharon helped me identify and deal with some childhood issues. She worked with me on my confidence levels and that has definitely improved.

Patrick Murray Client - Dublin

Brilliant Experience, Very Helpful and would Definitely Recommend. Thanks Sharon.

Lynsey Smith Client Dublin

The first words that come to mind are Thank You! I feel that working with Sharon is the beginning of a new journey that I’m happy to be on. After 1 session I could feel a shift in my thoughts from “I’m not good enough” to “I am enough”. I have more confidence and self acceptance and I’m noticing doors opening for me. Sharon is extremely patient and helpful. I felt comfortable talking through any issues that I had. Sharon is inspiring and uplifting. Thank you so much for giving me back a little bit of my sparkle!

Michael Client

She is knowledgeable, personable and relaxes you very successfully. A very good communication style

Claire Johnston Client

Sharon has a lovely calming energy. She makes you see things in a different light. I loved the hypnotherapy and found it helped me a lot. I'd definitely recommend if you're feeling like you're in a bit of a funk.

Julia Jay Client - Dubai

Sharon truly helped me get to the root cause of the issue I was experiencing. No amount of guesswork prior to the session could have possibly led me to the realisations I had when I worked with Sharon. I liked that she really listened and I felt like I could finally let go of all this baggage I’d been carrying around with me for the past two decades. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to have the freedom I’d been looking for all this time.

Peter, Dublin 15 RTT Client

I highly recommend you to work with this woman as she changed my life for the better. I found her at a time when I was lost in life having ended a long term relationship, jobless and an alcoholic with little to no sense of direction in my life or motivation to pursue. From the moment we got in contact, Sharon has been able to guide me into a deeper analysis of what was happening with me at the time and helped me to explore my next steps forward. She provided me a package that helped me stayed in check with myself and additionally stayed in touch with me to ensure I continued in the right path. I am happy to say I am on the right path now thanks to her and my life is once again showing so much promise. Thank you Sharon for all the help you have been! Anyone who is looking to turn their life around and be their most authentic self, do not hesitate to contact Sharon, she is is there to help and she will not give up until you get the results you need.

Ave, Co Louth RTT Client

Incredible, Sharon really raked the time to understand and to get to the root of your problems and fix them, it’s an incredibly rewarding process, it takes time, patience, belief and consistency. All in all an amazing experience with hypo-therapy. Couldn’t thank Sharon enough!